The WordPress Security Plugins you Need in 2020

With the new year bringing new vibes, WordPress users must be looking for the best security plugins that’ll help them solidify their website and maintain a solid, secured online business. Security and malware-protection plugins designed for the WordPress community are innumerable, but some particularly viral names tend to attract the attention of experts and avid users alike who are looking for a fantastic service!


One of the most popular security plugins for WordPress websites is WebARX. This well-known plugin is the best advanced method to apply a web firewall with automatic updates. WebARX is designed to provide the user immediately with Web Application Firewall designed specifically to prevent any possible or approaching vulnerabilities, and the WP plugin is installed in just one minute.

It’s also very effective in blocking malicious bots and stopping any hacking attempts; it prevents malware infections and is named as one of the best plugins to provide high-quality security measures for your entire online entity – website or blog.


Amongst the top WP plugins is MalCare which is a comprehensive tool created and targeted at WP sites to protect them from any possible compromising or online threats and attacks. This plugin was created after analyzing thousands of websites and then understanding what they need to stand up to digital hackers and malicious, breaching attempts. What characterizes MalCare is its ability to provide layers of protecting measures and security steps. It’s capable of finding and eliminating concealed and complex threats so that your website doesn’t end up on the blacklist of Google.

Furthermore, MalCare offers various other features such as bulk website updates, login protection, website hardening, and client reports amongst many more. There’s also a pro version that’s highly efficient in cleaning and protecting your WordPress.

Wordfence Firewall

And of course one cannot forget about the famous Wordfence security plugin for WordPress websites that has gained its success due to the highly protective services it provides. The Wordfence Firewall is for example one of the most popular and most effective too. This plugin has achieved more than 2 million downloads and it continues to attract more WordPress customers based on users’ recommendations and positive reviews.

Wordfence allows the user to monitor traffic updates live, and keep an eye on any hacking attempts. It also offers blocking features to block hackers and malicious networks. And among its various features are password protection, advanced manual blocking, repair files, country blocking and a two-factor authentication. Wordfence is undoubtedly an excellent security plugin that’ll guide you to fully protect and immune your WordPress in 2020.

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