Best WordPress Themes for Small Business in 2020

Nowadays the WordPress platform is more popular than ever with its service reaching out to millions of users across the globe in order to provide each and every user with what he needs to create the right online website or blog. The viral platform is dominating the website creation industry as it serves more than 30% of the online entrepreneurs. Of course, multiple WordPress themes and plugins stand out each year for their outstanding performance and presentation of vital features.

The WordPress business themes are very various and each theme has a bundle of features that suit a specific online business or project. When choosing the best possible WordPress business theme, you must pay attention to the features proposed along with the simplicity and functionality of the chosen theme. The WordPress business theme should also have a 24/7 support system to help the user in emergency situations, plus SEO-friendly characteristics are a must to garner the attention of search engines to the content and attract more visitors.

Natural Theme

For example, there is the “Natural Theme” which is obviously a nature- and environment-friendly theme that’ll be perfect match for eco-friendly brands and businesses. This theme has multiple page templates including portfolio, left sidebar, slideshow and three column.

Enterprise Pro

Then there is the WP theme of “Enterprise Pro” that can be benefited from by small and starting businesses and websites. The live customizer can help you edit and modify the theme to suit your online business. “Enterprise Pro” has internal sections to show services, featured content and portfolios.


One more WordPress theme for small businesses is “Landing”; it comes with a page builder to easily and quickly create webpages and establish websites. “Landing” has readymade page templates, parallax effects and header templates amongst other features.

Executive Pro

Moreover, the WP theme “Executive Pro” is also suitable for both small businesses and professional websites; it comes with readymade page templates, has a built-in builder, and includes newsletter subscription forms. Other features of the theme are various color options and a powerful navigation menu.


The WP themes for small businesses continue with “Float”. The “Float” theme has a page builder, page templates, social media support, parallax effects, background properties and more.


On top, the business theme of “Ultra” is also suitable for starting entrepreneurs and beginning projects. The theme has time-saving layouts to create the website in a couple of minutes, and there’s a page builder to edit and modify the content. Of course, “Ultra” has multiple other features like navigation menus, different color schemes, custom widgets along with an optimization of performance and speed.

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