How to Install Woocommerce and Woocommerce Themes on WordPress


WooCommerce is the most wanted and very popular WordPress plugin which is generally used for running an e-commerce platform website. One can spare some time in checking great versatile WooCommerce themes as well as best plugins for better and smooth functioning.

As already mentioned that it generally help a developer to take an e-commerce website to the next level, by using great effective tools and features like: flexibility, security, easily manageable, high control and many other things. Thus, why don’t we use it, if providing such an ease and comfort, which is like a child play for all, and get pleasurable experience in handling the same.

How To Install Woocommerce?

For installing woocommerce plugin you can go with two methods: 1) Authomatic Installation and second one is Manual Installation. What are those let’s check it up:

Automatic Installation

It is always the best as is very easy to perform as wordpress by itself handles everything like- file transfer and everything else. Via this you don’t need to leave out your web browser and in the same window everything will be done safely, authentically and promptly. To run automatic installation, do have some initiative in installing projects log in to your WP dashboard and redirect to PLUGINS -à ADD NEW…

Here in the search box you need to search out “Projects” and click on Install Now button. You need to be sure while installing the same and press YES, then it will automatically start processing and very soon complete installation will be done. It may later ask you about the FTP details of your server, only if, you’ve not installed a plugin before on the particular installation.

Manual Installation

As it is manual, doesn’t mean it will complex to do. It is very simple, you just need to do few easy steps are:

  • Download plugin first to your system.
  • Do unzip the file.
  • Upload the unzipped plugin folder to WP installations using hosting Cpanel or FTP program.
  • Activate plugin by using plugins menu and it will start working fine for you.

After installing the same, now the time is to install your favourite Woocommerce Themes on WordPress. This process is also very simple and for this you can follow the following things are-

To upload your theme in WP, you have two methods. One is uploading through the WordPress Dashboard and second one is Uploading through FTP. Here we’ll discuss about wordpress dashboard, which is the easiest and best method to use, hence no need to check any other process. Here it is-

Uploading via the WordPress Dashboard

If you are thinking about the easiest way to install a theme, it can be easily and smoothly done with the use of WordPress dashboard. Do follow the same procedure:

  • Download theme from your account’s download page and it will download .zip file to your system.
  • On your website, redirect to Appearance – Themes and click on Add New button and start upload .zip file.
  • Go to Appearance again and under themes make it activated.

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